Joe loves ice cream


Joe Friedman loves ice cream, and he’s on a quest to share his FroZEN philosophy and bring the chill to our all too heated world!

Everybody loves ice cream, but not many love it as much as Joe. As a devoted, life-long ice cream eater, Joe realized that instead of feeling embarrassed or upset about his unwavering nightly routine, he would try to celebrate it for the sweet, wholesome joy it brings him. In a time where it feels like we're constantly melting into a bigger mess, ice cream can make the world a sweeter place. 

Joe is on a mission to explore the nostalgic memories swirling through Ice Cream Shops, festivals and makers’ minds. His FroZEN philosophy allows him to chill with new friends across the nation and connect in the special moments powered by ice cream. 

Joe has dedicated this year to following his scoop dreams on a mission to celebrate all the joy, pride and connections ice cream can bring. Joe’s been to over 50 different ice cream joints, hosted ice cream social variety shows and even taken his passion for ice cream to the next level by attending an Ice Cream Makers and Retailing class at University of Wisconsin! He’s hitting the streets of Chicago to brighten strangers’ days with free scoops and he’s ready to hit the road! Follow along as Joe showcases the fantastic flavors America's Heartland has to offer, and watch as he attempts to complete The 365 Day Ice Cream Challenge!



Welcome to the Ice Cream Joint, the sweetest variety show in Chicago! Featuring live music and comedy from the hottest performers in the city, chances to compete and win prizes and best of all, FREE ice cream. Spring has sprung and you’re not gonna want to miss a minute of this flavorful run, every Saturday at 7:00!


Upcoming Shows

JUNE 30- The Ice cream joinT @ iO THeater @ 7PM

JULY 7- The Ice cream joinT @ iO THeater @ 7PM

JULY 14- The Ice cream joinT @ iO THeater @ 7PM

JULY 21- The Ice cream joinT @ iO THeater @ 7PM

JULY 28- The Ice cream joinT @ iO THeater @ 7PM